We at IM Field Hockey are lovers of the game of field hockey, field hockey players, coaches and business owners!  We are so fortunate to work  alongside so many talented and fun athletes, coaches and parents! We love talking field hockey and helping others understand how the gear you choose can impact your sucess on the field! Reach out to us for free consultations!  

As the USA distributor of top European Brand, The Indian Maharadja, we are committed to bring high quality field hockey gear from the international stage to our USA Marketplace. 

The Indian Maharadja is a Dutch Lifestyle Field Hockey Brand founded in Amsterdam in 2009.  Built upon the perception of East meets West, product design is inspired by eastern mysticism and western contemporary designs.

As such, The Indian Maharadja has become one of the most popular international hockey brands due to its quality, innovative products and cool colorful Dutch designs on their professional down to youth sticks. IM is Focused on supporting athletes in achieving their field hockey goals while allowing them to express their own personal style through distinctive designsl=,

As a Lifestyle brand, IM designs products for every aspect of the game and for all levels of players offering a wide range of products for game play as well as top quality sportwear for wear on and off the pitch! 

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