Extreme Low Bow JHUKNAA 100% Carbon Thicker toe

Sale price$ 329.95


Jhuknaa means Pointed Sword. So imagine what it can do on the field. 
100% Carbon, yet a soft touch. 

The Extreme Low Bow Stick allows Technical Players to add a dimension to their game! A great balance of technical game play and power. 

 A quick turnover from forehand to backhand provides an extreme dribbling and ball maneuvering advantage. The thicker toe gives more surface contact to the ball.

The bow and groove increase the speed, accuracy and power of a lifted shot on goal or drag flick making it easy to enter the 3D realm. 

Get Technical with this addtion to your GAME! 

Lifted Shots, 3-D. lifted Hits, Reverse, indian dribble!  EASY!


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